Mission statement

It is the policy at Thorsen’s Precision Grinding, Inc. that all customers requirements be identified and that these requirements be satisfied for each opportunity provided by the customer. Thorsen’s Precision Grinding, Inc. additionally promotes the attitude throughout the organization that each employee, regardless of their position, has some direct or indirect impact on achieving and improving customer satisfaction.

Thorsen’s Precision Grinding, Inc. has implemented a quality system deploying strategic processes to facilitate providing product to its customers. Where appropriate, measurable objectives have been established for these processes to help ensure compliance and to facilitate continuous improvement.

Quality objectives and other applicable strategic areas are reviewed on a regular basis and required corrective actions implemented.

This Quality Policy is communicated to all Thorsen’s employees. Thorsen’s Precision Grinding, Inc. additionally communicates the quality objectives and overall effectiveness of the quality system to the organization in ways and at intervals deemed appropriate.